Family Stories – Veronica

Veronica has been utilizing Reach-Up Head Start services since 2022. She has benefited from a variety of our offerings including in-home services, nutrition services, and mental health services. “Working with Reach-Up has been a very positive and supportive experience for me and my son. Their team addresses any questions or concerns that I have regarding parenting and has provided one-on-one support to get me through the difficulties of mealtime, working closely with me to develop nutritious meals while helping to introduce new foods at school and home. Reach-Up also worked cooperatively with me to establish a regular daily routine, including nap time, as well as a bedtime routine. I also completed a program, through their Mental Health Department, called “Circle of Security”, where I worked one-on-one with their Mental Health provider addressing personal struggles while gaining a better understanding, more awareness, and confidence in parenting.

Veronica first heard about Reach-Up Head Start while living in transitional housing through Catholic Charities. “I was a new Mother with no idea of how I was going to take care of my son and go to school. My roommate was utilizing Reach-Up’s in-home services at the time and gave me their contact information and I set up a visit of my own. I was impressed with both their services and their staff, who would visit my son and me in our home every week. They brought fun activities for us to do and worked closely with me to get my little guy enrolled in the Early Head Start program.”

“What sealed the deal for me was Reach-Up’s willingness to accommodate both my and my son’s needs, respecting medical wishes and religious beliefs and practices. Reach-Up is such a special program; their staff has gone above and beyond my expectations. They’re extremely attentive and assertive to our needs and offer help even when I’m afraid to ask for it. When seasons were changing they asked if my son needed a winter coat and helped me sign up for the coat drive, removing any stress and embarrassment from the situation. When he didn’t have shoes that fit him, because I couldn’t afford to buy my son shoes, they sent him home in a pair of tennis shoes. They just have a way of knowing what’s best for us and doing things that take the burden of guilt or embarrassment off of the parent and for that, I am extremely grateful.”

“The three words I would use to describe my experience with Reach-Up are Honesty, Integrity, and Generosity. They are incredibly generous with their time, they conduct one-on-one meetings to inform you of your child’s progress and address any questions or concerns you may have. They’re also generous with their services and resources, taking great care to meet you where you’re at in life and get you to a place of stability.”

“Not only has Reach-Up helped my son grow, but they’ve also helped me grow as well. I’m gaining confidence in my ability to parent, have a better awareness of how to address challenges that arise, and show humility in knowing how to ask for help without feeling ashamed. Reach-Up Head Start has greatly impacted my and my son’s life for the better. I feel confident when dropping him off in the morning, knowing he is in good hands, with people who enjoy teaching him and watching him thrive.”