August 2023 Issue of The Whistler


Reach-Up welcomes all kids, families and staff to the 2023-2024 school year!

Helpful Tips for Starting the School Year

    • 1. Even if your child has attended preschool or daycare before, starting a new school year with new friends and adults can feel scary. Be patient as both you and your child adjust.
    • 2. Remind your child that even though you cannot be in school with them, you will be thinking about them and love them very much and that teachers will keep them safe when you are not there.
    • 3. Let kids be kids! Research shows that preschoolers learn best through play. Allow them to learn through social experiences with new friends and situations.
    • 4. Remember, we are here to help! Reach-Up staff are trained early childhood professionals who love children and families! Reach out to your child’s teacher or home visitor with any questions or concerns you have.