Reach-Up Head Start benefits greatly from the invaluable
support of volunteers!

Family and community involvement are vital components of a successful program.


Opportunities to be involved as a volunteer:

  • Complete a part-time or full-time internship for Early Childhood, Social Work or Community Psychology degrees.
  • Interact and develop positive relationships with young children in a Head Start classroom doing activities such as reading, art, or sharing a special talent.
  • Assist teachers by preparing classroom activities at home (cutting, pasting, gluing, stapling, etc.)
  • Assist staff and families at various parent/child events throughout the year.
  • Assist with literacy events for children and their families.
  • Various opportunities to assist and support the program administration and office staff.
  • Serve on an agency advisory committee.


How to get started as a volunteer:

  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator
    • Email:
    • Phone: 320-253-8110
  • Ask about current opportunities
  • Ask if a background study is required
  • Complete and submit a Volunteer Application


Some volunteer opportunities have additional requirements. The volunteer coordinator will inform you what information is required for the volunteer opportunity you are interested in.


If a background study is required, all volunteers are required to pay $40 for the background study and $9.10 for the fingerprinting and photo services.