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September 2023 Issue of The Whistler

What is with all these Air Quality Alerts? You may have heard of Air Quality Alerts several times this summer as Canada has been battling a historic number of devastating wildfires. Being Canada’s southern neighbor, many times the smoke from the north blows down into Minnesota. Click here to continue reading the September 2023 edition […]

August 2023 Issue of The Whistler

August is BACK TO SCHOOL! Reach-Up welcomes all kids, families and staff to the 2023-2024 school year! Helpful Tips for Starting the School Year 1. Even if your child has attended preschool or daycare before, starting a new school year with new friends and adults can feel scary. Be patient as both you and your […]

July 2023 Issue of The Whistler

Happy Birthday, America! In honor of America’s birthday, let’s play a little trivia: 1. On what date is Independence Day celebrated? 2. Where was the first celebration of Independence day held? 3. What country did the USA gain independence from? 4. What American president was born on the 4th of July? 5. How many stars […]

June 2023 Issue of The Whistler

June is a Month for Celebration! The month of June is dedicated to celebrate the end of slavery in the US on June 19, 1865, known as Juneteenth. This month we also remember and commemorate June 1969 which was a turning point in the civil rights movement for the LGBTQ+ community. Click here to continue […]

May 2023 Issue of The Whistler

May is MENTAL HEALTH Awareness Month DID YOU KNOW…Reach-Up has four, fulltime mental health professionals on staff? What We Offer A listening ear, free of judgment Conscious Discipline & Circle of Security parent/caregiver education Family/child skills provided in-home or classroom Lighthouse Child & Family Services therapeutic services Referrals to community mental health agencies Click here […]

April 2023 Issue of The Whistler

APRIL IS EARTH MONTH April is a month to raise environmental awareness. Did you know many researchers agree that children who play outside are happier, better at paying attention and less anxious than kids that spend more time indoors? Spending time outdoors has also been proven to help build confidence for kiddos. 5 WAYS TO […]

February 2023 Edition of The Whistler

FEBRUARY IS AMERICAN HEART MONTH While celebrating all things love this month, February also reminds us to take care of our heart. The annual celebration began in 1963 to encourage Americans to join the battle against heart disease. Go to for more information. Click here to continue reading the February 2023 edition of The […]

May 2022 Edition of The Whistler

MAY IS NATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH Mental Health Month gives all of us a valuable opportunity to celebrate the tremendous strides this Nation has made in promoting mental health and increasing the public’s knowledge that effective services and support are available. Click here to continue reading the May 2022 edition of The Whistler.